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Pudakul Aboriginal Cultural Tours

Aboriginal Territorians are the custodians of the world's oldest living culture; they and their families have lived, hunted, held ceremonies and practiced culture on country for over 65,000 years. Aboriginal cultures are a significant draw card for international and domestic visitors to the NT, with people from all over the world coming to immerse themselves in the rich and diverse cultural traditions of Aboriginal Territorians.

With Aboriginal ownership of approximately 50% of land and around 84% of the coastline in the NT, we are uniquely positioned to provide visitors with unique Aboriginal cultural tourism experiences. Research indicates that there is a gap between the market demand for and supply of Aboriginal cultural experiences in the NT, despite market perceptions that the Territory is the foremost provider of Aboriginal cultural tourism in Australia. 

Guided by the Aboriginal Tourism Committee and the Northern Territory's Aboriginal Tourism Strategy 2020 - 2030, Tourism NT is working to support tourism development opportunities for Aboriginal businesses and organisations to create flexible long term development pathways, mentorships and industry partnerships. Respectfully supporting the Aboriginal tourism sector development will deliver sustainable experiences for our visitors and deliver economical, social and cultural benefits for Aboriginal people.

For further information please contact Tourism NT's Director Aboriginal Tourism on [email protected] or 08 8999 7420.

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Interested in hearing from some Aboriginal tourism operators?

Joe (Dingo) Parry and partner Lucy Carlingung, owners of Watjan Guided Tours share their key learnings for Aboriginal tourism entrepreneurs and operators thinking of starting up a similar business. Watjan Guided Tours is a 100% Aboriginal owned and operated family business that commenced in 2008. Read the full case study

Victor Cooper (Guruwalu), traditional owner of Kakadu and owner operator of Ayal Aboriginal Tours Kakadu shares his tourism business journey. Victor and his family commenced Ayal in 2008, there were key learnings, and requirements needed before commencing a tourism business. Victor hopes that this information will support other Aboriginal people to consider the tourism industry. Read the full case study

Christine Breaden, traditional owner and partner Peter Abbott from Karrke Aboriginal Culture Tour share some insights on their business journey, and some helpful learnings which they hope will assist other Aboriginal Organisations. Karrke is a Central Australian business which commenced in 2014. Read the full case study

Graham Kenyon, traditional owner and custodian of Limilngan-Wulna land and his wife Lynette Kenyon, owners of Pudakul Aboriginal Cultural Tours share their business learnings to assist other Aboriginal organisations. Pudakul Aboriginal Cultural Tours is a 100% Aboriginal owned and operated family business that commenced in 2008. Read the full case study

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