International marketing updates

Bitter Springs, Northern Territory, Australia

International Marketing Updates

To hear from our international marketing managers in our key markets and learn more about marketing activities, results, trends and future plans, download our watch our International Marketing Updates for 2019. Note due to file size, our presentations have been made available as PDF versions.

View our France update 
View our Italy update 
View our Japan update 
View our Singapore update 
View our UK update 
View our US update 
View our Greater China update

Market Factsheets

International Market Factsheets are available for each of our key markets. They provide an overview and a market profile on each market.  These factsheets are updated annually for the financial year. The International Factsheets are broken by Eastern or Western markets. 

Western Markets 
View our France Factsheet
View our Italy Factsheet
View our UK Factsheet
View our Central Europe Factsheet 
View our North America Factsheet

Eastern Markets
*Factsheets coming soon

More Information

For more information on our international marketing activities email [email protected]

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