16 Dec 2016
Driverless bus to transport tourists at Darwin Waterfront
Tourists will be able to move more easily between Stokes Hill Wharf and the Darwin Waterfront thanks to a new state of the art, driverless bus.

The new bus is part of the first trial in Australia of an autonomous passenger vehicle.

The EasyMile EZ10 ‘driverless’ vehicle provides zero emissions when operating, is fully air-conditioned and is capable of carrying up to 12 passengers at one time.

The vehicle is painted in traditional Aboriginal artwork and contains Tourism NT's official hashtag #NTAustralia.

It will transport visitors from the Waterfront to Stokes Hill Wharf on a repeat loop, providing tourists with safe and easy access to the cafes, restaurants, bars and tourism attractions within the precinct.

A six-month trial deployment of the driverless vehicle at the Darwin Waterfront will start early in the new year.

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