China market activation plan

Adelaide River, Northern Territory, Australia

As part of Tourism Vision 2020: Northern Territory’s Strategy for Growth Tourism NT has a target of attracting 30,000 annual visitors from China by 2020, equivalent to 3% of the estimated Chinese visitor market to Australia.   

Since the year 2000, Northern Territory visitor numbers from China (including Hong Kong and Taipei)* have grown at an average rate of 19 percent per annum and while the growth rate is impressive, it is off a small base. The China market still only represents a 5 percent share, or 14,000 visitors, of the NT’s total international visitation. 

Figure 1 charts ‘all purpose’ visitation from China, Hong Kong and Taipei since 2005.

Chinese visitation, 2014-15, Northern Territory, Australia

The China Market Activation Plan II (CMAP II), an update to the original plan released in 2012, sets out the key activities required to reach the 2020 target. Building on the 2012 plan, CMAP II focuses on the increase in funding, latest consumer insights, target market analysis, policy changes and collaborative platforms that present opportunities for the Northern Territory tourism industry. CMAP II also seeks to consolidate existing programs and activities and introduces a new focus on attracting Chinese investment as a lever to drive tourism growth.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection in collaboration with Austrade and Tourism Australia have developed a series of bilingual promotional flyers to ensure stakeholders and potential visitors have access to helpful and accurate information on our tourist visa arrangements in China. Chinese visitors can access helpful information about the Australian visa application process.

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