Bawaka, Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia

To meet the goal of a $2.2 billion visitor economy by 2020, the Northern Territory must address four strategic requirements:

  1. Grow value
  2. Address supply constraints
  3. Improve the visitor experience, and
  4. Improve business sustainability.
A genuine partnership approach between industry and Government, focused on opportunities that span all aspects of the visitor economy, is essential to achieving our target.

Market Prioritisation

Every year, Tourism NT conducts a strategic evaluation of each of the holiday source markets to determine which yields the greatest future potential to the Northern Territory, and prioritises investment accordingly. To support this approach, the research and planning tool (referred to as the Market Prioritisation Model) was developed to consider a range of measures including economic, propensity to travel, aviation, industry development and consumer readiness.

See the latest Market Prioritisation Model summary here.

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Strategic drivers

  • Grow value
  • Address supply constraints
  • Improve the visitor experience
  • Improve business sustainability