28 Apr 2016
Tweetbuster videos star in Kakadu campaign
A new campaign by Tourism NT promoting Kakadu uses series of quirky 'Tweetbuster' videos to break down barriers people may have about travel to Kakadu.

The new Tweetbuster videos provide the opportunity to connect key Kakadu tourism operators directly with potential holiday-makers through YouTube and Facebook and dispel some myths that Kakadu is too boring or too hard to get to.

The stars of the videos are Kakadu park rangers Christian Diddams and Chris Artiemiew.

The Tweetbusters episodes aim to show viewers how easy it is to travel through Kakadu, highlighting attractions such as Ubirr lookout, Jim Jim Waterfalls, Yellow Water Billabong and Gunlom Falls. 

The videos are part of Tourism NT's new Kakadu campaign, which will run for four weeks from 22 April – 22 May.

Watch one of the Kakadu 'Tweetbuster' videos below.

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