01 Dec 2017
Megafauna Display a step closer
Construction is set to begin on a new tourism attraction in Alice Springs showcasing Central Australia's unique fossil heritage.

Local Alice Springs construction company, Scope Building, has been awarded a contract to fit-out the exhibition space for the new $1.5 million Megafauna Display Centre, which will be located in the Todd Mall.

The Megafauna Display will feature 8 million year old, well-preserved and rare vertebrae fossils recovered from the Alcoota fossil beds.

It is believed there could be as many as 3,000 animals buried at the Alcoota site, 200km north east from Alice Springs, including unique megafauna such as the world’s largest flightless bird, the world’s largest crocodile and the world’s largest wombat.

A collaboration between the Northern Territory Government and the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory (MAGNT), the new Megafauna Display Centre will bring this incredible fossil collection to life, enable education opportunities and provide a key tourism attraction within the Alice Springs CBD.

The new facility will provide an insight into how the prehistoric animals may have looked at the time and their living conditions. It will also provide appropriate storage, preparation and research space for the fossils.

It is expected the new display will open in mid-2018.

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