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Industry support

Wildman Wilderness Lodge, Northern Territory, Australia

This section contains valuable resources for the Northern Territory tourism industry, from those new to the tourism industry to established tourism businesses. 


  • Small Business Champions - these Department of Business officers can help your new or existing business.
  • Tourism Business Information Kit - the kit provides information specific to starting a tourism business in the Northern Territory, such as licensing and permits
  • Tourism Export Toolkit - information on how to get involved in the inbound tourism market
  • Industry Update - an e-newsletter containing useful information about marketing opportunities, Tourism NT campaigns and upcoming events for the Northern Territory tourism industry.
  • Image Gallery - a collection of images that can be used to positively promote tourism in the Northern Territory.
  • Logos - read and follow these guidelines when designing with Tourism NT logos.

Grants and programs

Grants and funding


Tourism investment 

Roadside signage applications

For roadside signage applications please contact:

Aftab Abro
Principal Traffic Engineer, Transport Infrastructure Planning Division
Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics
Phone: (08) 8924 7121