Domestic marketing

Bitter Springs, Northern Territory, Australia

The domestic market is the Northern Territory’s largest source of visitors and includes NT (intrastate) as well as the rest of Australia (interstate).

Our domestic marketing campaigns target 'Intenders' (those who are intending to travel to the NT in the next 12 months) and 'Considerers’ (those who are open to travel to the NT but who have no immediate plans to travel here) that are aged either 18-35 years or over 50 years with our core target markets being Sydney, Melbourne, regional New South Wales, regional Victoria, Adelaide and Brisbane.

We offer the 18-35 years an active, fun and value-for-money holiday while the over 50 years are seeking appealing adventure and unique experiences that can only be found here in the spectacular Northern Territory. 

Tourism NT's domestic marketing strategy is based on:

Brand NT

Brand NT strengthens the Territory’s position and awareness domestically as a tourist destination. 

PR and Social Media   

Through public relations and social media, we create positive conversations, word of mouth preference and position the Territory as a ‘must see’ destination. These activities are integrated with our other marketing activities to align with and support our strategic and tactical marketing objectives.

For more information on how you can leverage more interest for your business using Social Media here.

Trade and Industry Marketing  

Our cooperative marketing program aims to motivate consumers to book by offering a range of value for money holiday packages and flight promotions.  In every campaign we seek to address some of the barriers that we know can influence a consumer’s decision to travel to the Northern Territory.  


We build the NT's destination appeal through familiarisations, training sessions, trade events and cooperative marketing. We conduct numerous trade initiatives aimed at increasing the knowledge of the Northern Territory and the desire to sell and promote it as a holiday destination. These activities ensure that key trade partners around Australia are armed with the knowledge and enthusiasm to engage the end customer, enabling them to better convert consumer desire into actual visitation.

Current Campaigns

Learn more about our Current Domestic Marketing Campaigns here.

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