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Industry Marketing Calendar
August - December 2016

Industry Marketing Calendar January - March 2016, Northern Territory, AustraliaWelcome to Tourism NT's Industry Marketing Calendar for August - December 2016.

This calendar sets out some of the work that we'll be doing over the next three months and how you can get involved. Designed with you in mind, this resource can be used to help you plan your marketing activity.

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Celebrate with Festivals NT

The multitude of sporting, cultural and business events in the NT are promoted under the banner of Festivals NT to provide greater incentive to book and to celebrate our close ties with the important tourism market of Asia. 

The initiative links in with our current marketing activity… we know that events can help influence people’s decision making to travel, we have a calendar of events, and the Festivals NT concept helps us to further leverage this decision factor and make greater use of our calendar for the benefit of operators. 

Look out for:

  • Prominent placement of Festivals NT branded videos across our consumer website as they are produced
  • PR and social media messages about festivals and events to consumers.

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